What Are Notchsters

Notchsters came to us from Notchsterville. Notchsterville is an exciting and fun place full of adventure, mystery, and excitement. It is a place where the past collides with the future, where time is not linear and the world is very colorful. Dinosaurs roam Notchsterville with Aliens, Princesses, and Zombies! Only the best of the best from this fantastic world were selected to be brought into our world through the Notchster cards and Notchsters bring a little bit of Notchsterville with them.

Notchsters pack a lot of punch into a small package. Simply pop the pieces out from the plastic Notchster card and put them together with the notches to make fantastic 3D figurines that can stand on their own! There are six fun sets of three in the inaugural line and expect many more to come!

Build and collect raving dinos, sports-playing pets, scary otherworldly creatures, pretty princesses, heroic sea animals, and awesome aliens! They are fun, portable, tradable, collectable, colorful, playable, and inexpensive. Once they are set up, you can play with them, display them, and trade them. After you are finished you can take them apart and put them back into their cards to store them. The cards even have a hole in the corner so you can collect them on a key ring.

On the back of the Notchster cards is a unique code that is entered on the Notchster website. Once you enter this code, you will be prompted to set up a username and password to enter Notchsterville. Be sure to explore Notchsterville and check out all the fun games and activities. You will also have access to stories and facts about that particular Notchster. Your Notchster scrapbook is automatically created with a photo and the story of the Notchster you just entered. Your scrapbook will grow automatically as you enter numbers of other Notchsters you collect.

There will be more exciting Notchster friends coming out in the near future as well as accompanying games and activities in the physical and virtual world. So be sure to visit our web site for details on upcoming exciting Notchster Creations!